Generation Change

In 2014/2015 six of our monasteries are changing their superiors.

On 24 Januar 2015 Tigoni Priory elected Fr John Baptist Oese Imai (37) as new Conventual Prior. His last posting had been the Nairobi City parish of St Benedict, after several years as novice master of the community.

On February 10th the monks of Inkamana Abbey elected Fr John Paul Mwaniki (47) as successor of Abbot Godfrey Sieber (74) who had been in office for 12 years. Fr John Paul hails from Kenya. He was elected PriorĀ  Administrator for a period of three years. A prior administrator is a superior with all rights and duties of an abbot, but elected for a shorter period. He does not use the abbatial insignia.

Further elections are due soon in Venezuela and Tanzania.